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Chris had been in London 3 years now moving from his hometown of Warrington, England at the age of 16 with his parents, Ann and Kenneth's consent.  He landed a manager, Andy Graham, and signs with Polydor Records to record his first album with help from Simply Red's Mick Hucknall.  Unfortunately, the album was shelved by Polydor never to be released. But one song did make it to press and was released as a single.  "Funny Five Minutes" became the first single Chris would release in England.
track listing is as follows:
1. Funny Five Minutes
2. I'm Not
3. Jesus on the Bus
4. God Bless the Child
(Artwork for the cd cover was done by his brother, Anthony Braide.)
A second single from the non released album hits the airwaves of England.
"Surrender" is released as a cd single featuring the same track listing as his first release with the title track being ommited and "Surrender" being added.

Track listing is as follows:
 1. Surrender
 2. Jesus on the Bus
 3. I'm Not
 4. God Bless the Child
(Chris' brother, Anthony also did the artwork for this cd cover.)
after a year of being with Polydor, nothing had really happened for him.  At this point, Chris decides to leave the label .

After spending the next few years working on his songwriting and singing backing vocals for various artists including Squeeze,Chris signs a solo deal with Dave Stewart's label Anxious Records.

The label released the single "If I Hadn't Got You". The single was released in the US by Atlantic Records and a performance video was shot in Times Square. Track listing for the Uk version is a follows:

1. If I Hadn't Got You (Radio Remix)
2. If I Hadn't Got You (T Empo Master Club Mix)
3. If I Hadn't Got You (Linslee Campbell Mix)
4. Same Mistakes

The US version track listing is as follows:
1.  If I Hadn't Got You (Album Mix)
2.  If I Hadn't Got You (Radio Remix)

The album, Life in a Minor Key was released. Track listing is as follows:

 1.   If I Hadn't Got You
 2.   Heavenly Rain
 3.   The Choice is Yours
 4.   Life in a Minor Key
 5.   Jealous
 6.   Summer Fever
 7.   Suffer for Love
 8.   Out of the Blue
 9.   She Still Sings
10   Counting Out Time
11.  Same Mistakes
12.  If I Hadn't Got You (US Mix)
13.  Change The World
14.  Heavenly Rain (Accoustic)
15.  If I Hadn't Got You (Accoustic)
The single second single from the Cd,"Life in a Minor Key", "Heavenly Rain" is released in England. The video for the single is filmed in New Orleans.
also that year, the third single from the Cd, " Life in a Minor Key" was released in Scandavavia.

After spending the first part of the decade establishing himself as one of England's hottest songwriters, Chris contributed lead vocals to 4 tracks on a new album by electronic dance duo The Grid .
track listing is as follows:
  1. 8 Miles From Memphis
  2. Vibration
  3. Pleasure Control
  4. Put Your Hands Together
  5. Slinker
  6. Pure Statik
  7. Mighty Heroik
  8. Saturday
  9. Closer
  10. Three Floors Above You
  11. Feed Your Mind
  12. Fools Rush In
  13. Be Here With You
Chris also releases his second Cd, " You Can't Be Friends With Everyone".
 Track listing is as follows:
  1.  Hard to Get
  2.  I Found You
  3.  I'm Not Afraid
  4.  Soul Boy
  5.  Forgiving Eyes
  6.  All I Ever Wanted
  7.  We Are Not Alone
  8.  The Last Great Hope For Mankind
                                    9.  No Time For Cowboys
                                  10.  When I Get Home
Chris releases his third album, " The Upside".

Track listing is as follows:

  1.  Steps of My Heart
  2.  I Can't Keep it To Myself
  3.  Beside Myself
  4.  Wild Honey Hair
  5.  Take Me Downtown

  6.  The Upside
  7.  Cold Street
  8.  Victim of Dreams

  9.  We Don't Know The People We Love
10.   Make Your Life Hell
11.   Still Be Yours

The story continues watch this space for updates.

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